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About AusHealth College of Hypnotherapy

Happiness equals HARMONY at all LEVELS

Harmony at all levels means total wellness 

  A person's Happiness and wellness may be affected at various levels
such as physical, mental, emotional, social,
environmental, occupational, intellectual and spiritual. 

Vimla Rao, Deborah Germain and Heather Whitehouse believe in a balanced and holistic approach to creating happiness and wellness at all levels. Vibrant Therapies Pty Ltd has been established to empower those who approach us to achieve Harmony, through education, treatment and mentoring, with love and respect.

AusHealth College of Hypnotherapy (AHCH) is one of the teaching wings of Vibrant Therapies to train, guide and mould those individuals who are searching for a modality that is able to address wellness at all levels. Hypnotherapy is a modality which has the ability to empower clients and can be incorporated with any modality to enhance further healing.

Our courses start with General Hypnotherapy to the advanced level of Clinical Hypnotherapy. 

Advanced workshops have been developed to allow students who are interested to pursue their career and their spiritual journey in order to further transform lives through Past Life Regression Therapy and Spiritual Hypnotherapy.

AHCH offers professional face-to-face training in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with small classes up to a maximum of 10 students. The emphasis of training is on providing our graduates with up to date knowledge and enough practical skills for them to be able to enhance and tailor their treatments to help clients at all levels.

We welcome students from all walks of life and are committed to providing well-structured, easy to understand and practical oriented courses.

First Level 1 Class - Penrith - 30 Augus

Our First Level 1 Class in Penrith

The course provides a good and thorough explanation of the workings of the mind and the effective method to help address subconsciously stored issues which may be impacting the physical/mental health and well-being of people.

I am personally benefiting from being supported to deal with a deeply ingrained event/reaction which was negatively impacting my current life. I hope to benefit others similarly. (GA - Penrith)

By learning different hypnosis procedures and formulating proper suggestions guided by the suggestibility questionnaire, I will achieve great results helping others. (VD - Penrith)

I’ve learnt the depth and transformative influence hypnosis can have on someone’s life and soul. I’d never experienced hypnosis before and now, having experienced it for myself and witness to others, it’s beautifully magical. I can see, think and feel the hypnotic process helping myself and my clients to a healthier state of being, quicker. It excites me and feels right in my soul and being. (JP - Penrith)



Vimla Rao
Professional Member of AHA
Senior Associate Member of ASCH
Senior Executive Member of IICT

Vimla Rao is a very friendly and enthusiastic therapist and instructor, practicing various modalities in order to give a vibrant life-style to all those who seek help.

Vimla was born and brought up in Fiji but, in 1985, chose to make Australia her home. She had been employed at various universities as a physics technical officer until 2003 when her thirst for working in the health care industry led her to the role of Home Care worker during which time she built an amazing rapport with her elderly, sick and disabled clients. Her passion led her to the Bowen Therapy world when, in 2005, she completed her Diploma of Bowen Therapy and started on her new journey of helping clients through their various physical and emotional ailments. She pursued this career further and, by 2010, became an international instructor of Bowen Therapy, teaching in Australia, Fiji, India and Pakistan.

Vimla Photo.JPG

While on the path of healing, Vimla realised that there was a subtle aspect beyond the physical and the emotional. Her search lead her to Dr Yogesh Choudhary, the founder and Director of the Indian Institute of Hypnotherapy, where she mastered Clinical as well as Spiritual Hypnotherapy. Under Dr Yogesh Choudhary’s Guidance, Vimla learned about talking to the organs and systems of the Body as well as treating clients with issues due to the presence of spirit in their vicinity.

Vimla now runs a very successful clinic and helps people at various levels according to their individual needs. She practices Clinical Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Hypnotherapy, NLP and Bowen Therapy and is able to bring all her knowledge gained over the years into her work as an instructor for AusHealth College of Hypnotherapy. 

Vimla’s message to mankind is:

“Help yourself live a vibrant life to keep yourself and all in your contact happy with total fulfillment, contentment and inner peace".

Deborah Germain
Senior Associate Member of ASCH
Executive Member of IICT

Deborah Germain is a caring and passionate therapist and instructor, using her various modalities to allow her students and clients to make the most of their opportunities in life.

Deborah had always believed throughout her career that she would become a trainer/instructor. She has trained and inducted many people within the office/work environment and now finds that she can combine her office training experience with her passion for hypnotherapy.

Deborah had worked entirely within an office environment until she decided to follow her dream of helping people through Bowen Therapy. Having been the recipient of Bowen Therapy treatments since her early 20s, she understood the physical and emotional benefits this modality offers.  Following this dream led her to train with Vimla Rao, becoming a qualified Bowen Therapist in 2014, then following on and completing her Diploma of Bowen Therapy.


Never satisfied with her current achievements, Deborah continues learning and improving her therapy skills and has added the complementary McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR) technique to her therapy toolbox.

Studying her Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy as well as spiritual hypnotherapy, again under Vimla, Deborah is now able to offer her clinical and spiritual hypnotherapy, Bowen Therapy and MSTR skills to assist clients - mind, body and soul.

Deborah's outlook on life is:

"If you can help someone, then do so."

Course Dates

Upcoming Course Dates

Sydney - Penrith

NK Centre, 450 High Street, Penrith NSW 2750

Level 1 (4 days over 2 weekends)

4-5 December 2021 and 11-12 December 2021

Level 2 (4 days over 2 weekends)

26-27 February 2022 and 5-6 March 2022

Level 3 (4 days over 2 weekends)

23-24 April 2022 and 30 April to 1 May 2022

Level 4 (4 days over 2 weekends)

28-29 May 2022 and 4-5 June 2022

Level 5 (4 days over 2 weekends)

To be confirmed

Level 1 (4 consecutive days)

9 to 12 April 2022

Level 2 (4 consecutive days)

21 to 24 May 2022

Level 3 (4 consecutive days)

25 to 28 June 2022

Level 4 (4 consecutive days)

23 to 26 July 2022

Level 5 (4 consecutive days)

27 to 30 August 2022

Past Life Regression Therapy 
(4 consecutive days)

19 to 22 March 2022

Miniaturisation - Talking to Organs

Miniaturisation - Chakra Balancing/Aura Cleansing
(4 consecutive days)

7 to 10 May 2022

Spirit Release 
(4 consecutive days)

16 to 19 July 2022


Venue - To be confirmed

Spirit Release (4 consecutive days)

11 to 14 March 2022

Level 1 (4 consecutive days)

18 to 21 March 2022

Level 2 (4 consecutive days)

6 to 9 May 2022

Level 3 (4 consecutive days)

20 to 25 July 2022

Level 4 (4 consecutive days)

19 to 22 August 2022

Level 5 (4 consecutive days)

To be confirmed

Past Life Regression Therapy 
(4 consecutive days)

3 to 6 June 2022


Carpe Diem, 158 Commercial Road, Port Adelaide

Level 2 (4 consecutive days)

25 to 28 February 2022

Level 3 (4 consecutive days)

25 to 28 March 2022

Level 4 (4 consecutive days)

22 to 25 April 2022

Level 5 (4 consecutive days)

To be confirmed

PLRT Group 1 Canberra.jfif

Our First Graduates of Past Life Regression Therapy in Canberra

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Training and Clinic


Shop 6, NK Centre

450 High Street

South Penrith NSW 2750



Vimla Rao                    +61 0415 483 459

Deborah Germain       +61 0411 480 079

Heather Whitehouse   +61 0408 696 188

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